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Specialist Dealers Permit F47297

Please Contact Us BEFORE you Purchase a Reptile through our site


Z1 Childrens Python Complete Package


Designed by us as Keepers & Breeders of reptiles & has everything you need.

This is a proper set-up with the correct parts for keeping reptiles alive & happy.

We are not a pet shop but a specialist reptile shop it’s what we know best!

The enclosure is big enough for 1x Childrens python as an adult for its whole life. You do not have to upgrade!!

This package includes:

1x Childrens Python or Maculosus

1x URS BLACK Tank 800x 480x 600

1x Heat Mat 20 watt

1x Theremostat Digital( controls the heat mat )

1x Day light fitting

1x Compact Globe ( low watt so your snake doesnt burn it self )

1x 2 meter cords

1x Thermometer - digital

1x Small water bowl

1x Hide cave

1x Ground Substrate Jurassic Bark 

You Will Also recive 2x free mice

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----

This package comes flat packed for easy transport.

All instructions are supplied & are in easy to understand pics & diagrams.

We do put enclosures together ready to plug & play for extra cost for $50 and 24 hours notice.

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